Rental & Service

Comparing the pros and cons of renting vs. buying

Subject Renting Buying
Budget savings and manageability
  • Use of rental equipment saves approximately 80% of the cost of buying.
  • No need for follow-up care after using equipment.
  • No need to secure storage space.
  • Purchases cost 100% of the price and must be recorded in the property book.
  • Must designate staff to maintain the equipment after use and provide appropriate training.
  • Required a suitable place to store equipment and manage humidity and temperature according to the climate.
the need for professional technicians
  •  Professional technicians dispatched from suppliers are responsible for any maintenance that may occur during the work period.
  • It is necessary to have a designated technician from the buyer, and due to inexperienced technology, it is not possible to respond quickly to the use of equipment such as emergency measures.
Securing spare parts and consumables
  • Supplier takes full responsibility for spare parts
  • Suppliers provide spare parts and various consumables.
  • Separate spare parts and consumables must be kept, and additional budget expenditures are incurred.
  • Separate purchase management is required. (approximately 10% to 30% of the equipment purchase price)
  •  Operator training is conducted separately by a professional technician by the supplier and on-site training is conducted if necessary.
  • Buying agency technicians who have completed training from suppliers should conduct their own operator training, and the training content may be unprofessional and inadequate.

Induction Bolt Heating Services

The safest and most efficient technology for turbine bolts.

Our induction bolt heaters are designed to improve difficult and dangerous conventional electric bolt heater environments, preventing heavy and dangerous hammering bolting, and dramatically reducing the risk of burn injuries and bolt damage seen in conventional methods.
Induction heating technology is very state-of-the-art, highly efficient, and safe. We sell induction bolt heaters and provide on-site bolt heating services. We also provide training programs for personnel in charge of operating equipment.
Increase the productivity of plant maintenance with fast, easy, accurate, and repeatable high-efficiency heat transfer technology. Induction bolt heating is up to four times faster and up to three times lower in temperature than conventional electrical resistance bolt heater methods. You can move freely anywhere in the workplace or in the field, change the one-touch quick joint inductor coil in seconds, and use the flexible coil can be flexibly bent over in very narrow and obstructed environments. The nut heating coil is the best way to break down rust or stuck bolts. It’s very simple and easy to use, so anyone can learn quickly.

  • It is a mobility design that allows flexible connection of power output cables up to 20 meters or more.
  • Various coils can be installed to fit bolt dimensions of all sizes.
  • Provides a high-efficiency nut heating coil for resolving rust and stuck bolt issues.
  • The flexible coil can be flexibly bent over in very narrow and obstructed environments.
Nuclear Power
  • Steam Turbine (HP, LP)
  • Turbine Valves(MSV, CV, CIV)
Thermal Power
  • Steam Turbine(HP, HIP, LP)
  • Gas Turbine
  • Turbine Valves(MSV, CV)
  • Boiler Feed Pump (BFPs)
Hydro-Electric Power
  • Hydraulic Turbine
  • Water Wheel
  • Turbine
  • Compressor
Paper Manufacturers
  • Turbine
Steel Manufacturers
  • Turbine
  • Forging Press
Model HeatBolt 30
Body Type: Chiller Integrated System
Max. Output Power: 30KW
Frequency Range: 1~ 100kHz
Output Power Regulation Range: 2~100%
Power Supply Efficiency: ≥95% Power Supply Power Supply

Induction Shrink Fitting Services

Induction heating system for generator retaining ring shrink fitting

In the case of the conventional resistance heating method, if the electric heater is installed in the retaining ring during shrink fitting, the heater is wound and covered with asbestos to prevent heat loss at this time, fine asbestos powder is generated, which is a risk to the operator, and there is a risk of burns to the operator due to the high temperature of the coil. In addition, heat can be conducted to the shaft and is time consuming because it must be heated for 90 to 120 minutes with a 200kW electric resistance heater. Since there are problems in terms of long heating time and worker safety, it improves the quality of work while solving these problems. To ensure the same quality of work, our induction heating system has improved workability and safety by addressing existing difficulties.

Electric Resistance Heater Induction Shrink Fitting
Turbine Generator Retaining Ring Specifications
Outside Diameter (O.D.) 1200mm
Total Heated Length 890mm
Thickness 76mm
Weightof Retaining Ring 230Kg±10%
Max. Heating Temp 350°C
Elongation 5mm
Model HeatFit 100
Body Type : External Chiller System
Max. Output Power : 100KW
Frequency Range : 1~ 100kHz
Output Power Regulation Range : 2~100%
Power Supply Efficiency : ≥95% Power Supply External Chiller System

Induction Brazing Services

Induction Brazing of Rotor Windings and Stators for Turbine Generator

Induction Brazing Quality Management Response-Alloy does not penetrate the gap in the base material sufficiently. In the presence of a void in the brazing part, it combines with the alloy component to promote corrosion progress. Our company uses a high-frequency induction heating method that controls the base material at a uniform heating temperature. It has improved quality compared to the existing gas torch work method. To ensure perfect penetration of the filler material (alloy) into the gap of the base material, designed/manufactured by optimizing the shape of the work coil.

Model  HeatBrazing 100
Body Type: External Chiller System
Max. Output Power: 100KW
Frequency Range: 1~ 100kHz
Output Power Regulation Range: 2~100%
Power Supply Efficiency: ≥95% Power Supply Portable Current Transfer

Consulting in Induction Heating Technology

We find the right heating solution to improve our customers’ productivity and ensure that they do the right thing through technical consulting. You will learn where and how to gain the benefits of induction heating in manufacturing or mobility applications. We can also support you through computer simulations, implementation plans, and return on investment calculations. If you already have an induction heating solution, look at how to improve the process and support your staff.

  • Coil Design
  • Cooling Systems
  • Current Transformer
  • PLC Panel
  • HMI Design